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Engineering at UHI Millennium Institute

UHI Millennium InstituteSciences → Engineering

Accomodation: Rating of 2
Cost of Living: Rating of 3
IT Facilities: Rating of 1
Library: Rating of 2
Nightlife: Rating of 2

Shops & Banks: Rating of 2
Societies/Clubs: Rating of 1
Sports Facilities: Rating of 1
Student Union: Rating of 1
Teaching: Rating of 1

Quite simply the worst university I have ever come across. Foolishly I believed I could attend uni without having to leave The Highlands - how wrong I was. There is nothing to recommend about this place. While some staff were friendly, none were helpful. Courses were often cancelled, lecturers were completely unprepared and submitted work was never marked or returned. It was as if I was expecting to teach myself, the whole place failed to operate on the most basic level as an acceptable form of university.

Tiny library, pathetic attempts at IT support, no sports facilities. If anything, the IT department were deliberating hindering my attempts to study. All of the computers were crippled with something called RM. It was very difficult to install the software necessary for programming, and all my software requests were either sent to someone else or simply ignored.

No clubs, societies or SU. I believe my campus was originally a school, as there are no facilities beyond classrooms and corridors. My job prospects were better before I attended this disgraceful excuse for a university. However, if you are intending on going to university and then suing, you've found the right place.

I would not recommend this university to someone wanting to gain a couple of extra GCSEs, let alone someone intending to study for a degree.

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Written by Benjamin on 10th Sep 2009

UHI Millennium InstituteSciences → Engineering

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