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Management at Surrey University

Surrey UniversityBusiness → Management

The Business building is fully equipped and spacious. There are plenty of computers for everyone and as they are separated from those used in the library it means that business students have their own computers to use when the library is full - this has proven to be a great advantage throughout the semester. The lectures are interesting although there is a lot of reading to do for each, yet this is to be expected during a degree.

Lectures are usually done by Powerpoint with some handouts given out throughout the lectures and it is easy to ask lecturers for help or to book n appointment with them. Lecturers are highly accessible due to the e-mail service and they aim to respond within 48 hours. During exam periods the lecturers are of help and give out many helpful worksheets and previous exams.

The work is not strenuous, however it is interesting and important to read up before attending a lecture. The university as a whole is full with friendly people, and in my first year I remember feeling intimidated by the large buildings but you soon feel at ease when you notice a lot of people asking for directions.

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Written by kadence on 14th Jan 2009

Surrey UniversityBusiness → Management

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