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Sports Science at Bolton University

Bolton UniversitySciences → Sports Science

Accomodation: Rating of 3
Cost of Living: Rating of 4
IT Facilities: Rating of 3
Library: Rating of 3
Nightlife: Rating of 2

Shops & Banks: Rating of 3
Societies/Clubs: Rating of 2
Sports Facilities: Rating of 1
Student Union: Rating of 2
Teaching: Rating of 1

I feel that the university lecturers are not very dedicated towards their work and their time they spend with you. Lectures seem to be disorganized, and short. The contact time is minimal and not what the schedule says it should be. If you can avoid doing sports here then do so.

The actual course is not bad, however the actual delivery of the course is way below par. The topics within the modules don't always seem in a logical order, and after the lecture you often have to do lots of reading to fully understand the lecture, however I think that is pretty much normal practice.

The university doesn't even seem to support their sports clubs, I am sure we must be the only university in the country to have lectures on a Wednesday afternoon! Lets hope you don't play in a sports team and do something like computing.

Library facilities are actually OK although the computers are pretty much always in use, but you can borrow a laptop now for three hours to work on within campus. Student services are pretty helpful too, and will more often than not be able to help you.

All in all the course could be much improved, and maybe in a few years time when the proposed swimming pool, and I think sports labs, are built on site, that should make a big step forward.

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Written by speedyking on 10th Jan 2009

Bolton UniversitySciences → Sports Science

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