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Primary Education at Plymouth University

Plymouth UniversityTeaching → Primary Education

Accomodation: Rating of 4
Cost of Living: Rating of 2
IT Facilities: Rating of 3
Library: Rating of 1
Nightlife: Rating of 3

Shops & Banks: Rating of 3
Societies/Clubs: Rating of 3
Sports Facilities: Rating of 3
Student Union: Rating of 4
Teaching: Rating of 5

Awful. The university have decided to relocate from a fantastic, well resourced and beautiful campus in a delightful seaside town to a prefabricated office block in the centre of an already overcrowded city. In the process they have provided fewer facilities with less study space and preparation area and wasted the 50 year old reputation of one of the best teaching colleges in the country, not to mention the relationships built up with schools during that time and also with the town in which it was originally placed. Lecturers are harder to access, books are harder to find and the specialisation that was provided by a small campus has been lost.

The process was rushed through from conception to relocation in three years and almost no help was given to students who had to undergo such an upheaval in the middle of their degree studies. No thought was given to the feelings of the town which has lost a major source of income or to the students and teaching and support staff involved. On the plus side, the staff themselves are all teachers or ex-teachers with extensive knowledge and passion for the subjects they teach, but this means little when pared with the terrible lack of study and support facilities. Studying education at Plymouth uni is something best avoided.

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Written by LiamE on 30th Sep 2008

Plymouth UniversityTeaching → Primary Education

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