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Physics at Bath University

Bath UniversitySciences → Physics

Accomodation: Rating of 4
Cost of Living: Rating of 2
IT Facilities: Rating of 4
Library: Rating of 4
Nightlife: Rating of 1

Shops & Banks: Rating of 3
Societies/Clubs: Rating of 3
Sports Facilities: Rating of 5
Student Union: Rating of 3
Teaching: Rating of 3

I was initially very happy with the university, its small size encouraged a welcoming family atmosphere. As a dyslexic I was very disappointed that it took 2 years for the learning support unit to finally get suitable support (I started in 1997 and received a computer in 1999). In addition the physics department were unwilling to take into account my being admitted to hospital due to a fever resulting in hallucinations (suspected meningitis) 1 day before the Christmas year 2 exams. The head of Physics refused to meet with the learning support unit quote 'I have my opinion on dyslexia and no one is going to change it' thus refusing me a visa when I fell short of a 2:2 by 1.5% (received a 1st mark for practical). Over all their discrimination left a bitter taste in my mouth and the appeal process was positively farcical.

As for the campus, although small it was well kept and covered the basics. There was a reasonable range of accommodation options available on site. Once you leave the first year you will be stuck living in town and the location of the university on top of a very steep hill makes public transport essential (no cars unless you are a member of team Bath.)

Unless things have changed in the last seven years, which I hope they have, I would advise against anyone going to this university to study physics.

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Written by py7rjs on 16th Sep 2008

Bath UniversitySciences → Physics

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