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Forensic Science at Glamorgan University

Glamorgan UniversitySciences → Forensic Science

Accomodation: Rating of 4
Cost of Living: Rating of 5
IT Facilities: Rating of 4
Library: Rating of 4
Nightlife: Rating of 3

Shops & Banks: Rating of 2
Societies/Clubs: Rating of 4
Sports Facilities: Rating of 5
Student Union: Rating of 4
Teaching: Rating of 5

The University of Glamorgan, at first you may think that it is a nondescript University, in the middle of the South Wales valleys, and not particularly good. Depending on the course that you undertake you may be correct in that assumption, while other courses are very good and your assumption would be wrong.

Accommodation can be split into private and Uni owned. University owned accommodation incorporates Glamorgan Court and the U-blocks, bear in mind this is on campus and I have no info on the Cardiff accommodation.

Glamorgan court contains accommodation with en-suite that is basically of the standard found at near enough any university now, 6 beds to a flat. The U block area UA-UD - have no ensuite and I believe that there are 12 to a kitchen and bathroom (obviously these are cheaper).

Private accommodation is vast, and near enough all terraced and prices are reflecting the area (so pretty cheap), be weary though of Letting agencies, and make sure you read all contracts. Some private accommodation should be avoided at all costs!

There are many IT stations around campus, although those rooms with the largest number of PC's get very busy on assignment hand-in days! But if you need a PC and look around you will find an unoccupied one. From a science background the Library had everything I needed, although I do know that people on the more social science side of things often went to Cardiff university library to get what they want, good study area within.

There are pubs in the village where the uni is situated and these range from dirty little dumps, to trendy wine bars, so all tastes are catered for. The Union has three distinct parts, these are Smiths, which is a sort of Irish pub and also within this is a fast food joint. Upstairs there is the humourously named Shafts, the Union's nightclub and the ridiculously termed Baa Bars- both of the standard you would expect from a union.

There are two hole in the walls in the entire university, which are busy during the night, there is also an ATM machine within the union that you pay £1.50 to access your money. The university has good sports facilities which I never took advantage of, as the hills where exercise enough for me!

I personally did not do well during A-levels, and came to the University to do a Foundation Year in Forensic Science, and went on to do the Three year degree following the completion of the year.

The teaching was brilliant in my opinion for my course, not only would lecturers be willing to give you their time, they would often go out of their way to help you. Lecture content was very good, and so too were the assessments set. Of course there were a few problems along the way, like the time it took for assessments to be marked, and sometimes the feeling of a lack of communication within the faculty. Needless to say I gained a first class Bachelors and went straight on to do a PhD at a well known Russell Group University.

All in all 8/10.

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Written by 27pence on 14th Aug 2008

Glamorgan UniversitySciences → Forensic Science

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