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Mechanical Engineering at London, University College (UCL)

London, University College (UCL)Engineering → Mechanical Engineering

Accomodation: Rating of 3
Cost of Living: Rating of 2
IT Facilities: Rating of 2
Library: Rating of 3
Nightlife: Rating of 4

Shops & Banks: Rating of 4
Societies/Clubs: Rating of 3
Sports Facilities: Rating of 3
Student Union: Rating of 3
Teaching: Rating of 1

If you have a choice, do not bother going! About half of the teaching staff are average and the rest are useless with maybe one or two exceptions. I know for a fact the course content has been exactly the same for the last 12 years (although they can argue that there have not been any advances in the field).

Also, UCL Mechanical Engineering do not offer August exam re-sits, so unless you have passed 6/8 of the courses with a minimum of 50% in all, then you will have to re-take the whole year.

The lectures are out of date, boring and poorly taught. The lecturers are not suited for teaching a hard subject, they make subjects seem even more complicated than they are and are boring. Some are depressing to even think about. However there are one or two exceptions.

The tutorials are a joke, there are 20-25 people in some tutorials. The facilities are unremarkable compared to other equivalent universities.

As a note, check the Guardian's University Guide before listening to UCL's desperate pitch that they are in the top 10 for mechanical Engineering. The only reason why UCL as a University is highly ranked is because of the Medical School. As a department, Mechanical Engineering is 26th, being beaten by Kingston, Hertfordshire and Brunel.

I would not recommend it, even for your UCAS second choice.

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Written by tylerdurden on 21st Jul 2008

London, University College (UCL)Engineering → Mechanical Engineering

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