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Geology at Southampton University

Southampton UniversitySciences → Geology

Accomodation: Rating of 4
Cost of Living: Rating of 3
IT Facilities: Rating of 5
Library: Rating of 5
Nightlife: Rating of 4

Shops & Banks: Rating of 4
Societies/Clubs: Rating of 5
Sports Facilities: Rating of 5
Student Union: Rating of 5
Teaching: Rating of 4

Excellent course, well organised with more field trips than any other course. It isn't easy and if you don't have an interest in Geology you probably won't enjoy it, but for those budding rock boffins out there it is the best you can get. In the 3 years I will have had: 1 week in Tenby Wales, 4 days in Brittany France, 1 week in Ingleton Yorkshire, 2 weeks in Spain, 1 week in Anglesey Wales, 1 week in Tenerife and 5 weeks in South Africa plus numerous day trips locally.

Southampton is a busy town with many student bars. It is relatively safe, and easy to navigate with a very good bus service. The university is rated as world class, with some of the worlds best geologists graduating here.

I am just finishing my first year here, it hasn't been easy adjusting to university life, but there has been plenty of support from the university staff, who have been there for me when I am close to giving up. They gave me the strength I needed to carry on...and I am so glad they did.

Southampton town has numerous bars aimed at the student population. If you like live bands there is the Hobbit, with the biggest beer garden on the south coast, The Brook with some of the best live gigs around, and The Talking Heads who have great entertainment and a good selection of ales. If you prefer to get drunk and dance the night away, there is the legendary Jesters with the dirtiest floor ever, but with dirt cheap drinks too it is the classic Southampton student bar! There are also numerous other bars of which I am yet to visit...there are just too many!

Accommodation can be pricey, but if you are willing to share with friends then a room can be rented fairly cheaply in a shared house. If you stay in halls you also get a free bus pass for the local bus service Unilink, so you don't have to worry about getting around either!

I would highly recommend this course, if anybody out there wishes to study geology you can give yourself a very good jump up the career ladder by attending Southampton University. Students here are recognised all around the world for their hard work and dedication in an environment which offers world class levels of tuition and courses which make the most of your own skills whilst teaching you an abundance of new ones.

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Written by jadecripps on 24th May 2008

Southampton UniversitySciences → Geology

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