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Film Production Technology at Staffordshire University

Staffordshire UniversityArt, Design, Media and Music → Film Production Technology

Accomodation: Rating of 5
Cost of Living: Rating of 4
IT Facilities: Rating of 5
Library: Rating of 4
Nightlife: Rating of 2

Shops & Banks: Rating of 2
Societies/Clubs: Rating of 1
Sports Facilities: Rating of 5
Student Union: Rating of 2
Teaching: Rating of 1


My reasons: Lack of organisation, lack of functional timetabling and staff are unfriendly and more importantly, unhelpful. Also some staff are unsure in their own knowledge. There is a total lack of communication between staff and students. On top of this you have to pay for everything (Even the graduation! And thats in a tent in Stoke!) Not only that but there isn't enough equipment.

The Film Production course is very lacking, the whole 3 years teaching could and should be compacted into 1 and a half years (thats how much they've taught us!) I haven't really learnt anything new on the course despite the fact I heard the teaching course is rather good!

The hall of residence (Stafford Court) is very good. The en-suite section is brilliant. It has a good sized kitchen and rooms are not so bad.

The library is a good resource, also the computer area in the Octagon is brilliant. It has loads of up-to-date good running PCs, printers (b/w and colour), scanners and photocopiers.

Nightlife.....what nightlife? There is the union, but if you don't want a watered down pint then I'd suggest the pub at the bottom of Weston Road! You don't really see much of the union, they are supposed to represent you and stuff, but I've never heard from them and they are not so good at replying to queries about the univeristy when a problem has arisen!

There are great sports facilities, footy pitches, open fields, a large air-conditioned gym and big sports hall.

Societies: there are pretty much none. There was a society day at the begining of the university days, I signed up for something and it never materialised. I've heard this about many of the societies. I believe there was a swimming club and a rugby club. There are not many clubs/societies for girls either.

In the third year it is recommended that the student has a mentor from the industry. This is a great idea. Except it too never happened!

Many students aim to take a sabbatical year out. It is highly recommended by the university as "where you'll learn the most in your course"....yep becuase its not the university thats teaching it! Back to the point, there is a Placement Team that is a service that the university provides. They are fundimentally useless. As a result of their incompetance I was forced to take a year out and live at home (as accommodation was taken by that date) because for months upon end the team assured me that they'd found a placement for me. It turned out that they didn't have any contacts in the industry I was studying.

This seems to the the case all over the university. Bad admin and terrible teaching.

There ARE better universities, I'd reccommend you look further than Staffordshire.

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Written by bluejeanjim on 5th Mar 2008

Staffordshire UniversityArt, Design, Media and Music → Film Production Technology

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