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English at Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin UniversityHumanities and Social Sciences → English

Anglia Polytechnic University is a bit like the Jekyll and Hyde of University. For starters it is split between two campus', Chelmsford and Cambridge so it is small. Polytechnic implies it is a smaller university for the less qualified. I'd have to argue against that, I am an English student at the Cambridge Campus. The rating for this course was given Excellent, compare this to the REAL cambridge uni that got Excellent + and the two are surprisingly close.

The only problems with the uni is the tiny bar area, the grotty appeal and some of the most incompetant staff ever.

This is being rectified as late, as incompetant as the staff are they are all fantastic characters, the grotty look has just been overhauled with a recent building extension which comes complete with a nice new bar. Cheers APU.

Flaws can be found when it comes to informing students of certain things. I only found out I had to re-register for year 2 at the end of year 1 by pure chance, this was never explained to me in any seminar/lecture. And the English departments recent overhaul of staff meant that most courses we could choose from had been cancelled or changed. It was a massive mess and many students got in a lot of trouble because of it.

Nevertheless the teachers are always on hand, they have office times but they'll find any way of contacting you and they are great to get in touch with. The English Department have their own real writers, a childrens writer and a crime writer who help students with their writing both for academic essays and personal fiction writing.

The new building that has recently been built gives the who Cambridge campus a lovely new look and will hopefully mean that the canteen area isn't used as a dance floor :)

It is of course the learning process that is important and the staff here are fantastic, their are many characters to find from Lord John of Gilroy to The man, the myth, the legend that is Rowlie Wymer.

Be warned though, this is no more a polytechnic as the others that dropped the name. APU keep the name because "APU" sounds rather cool whilst Anglia University sounds strikingly similar to the University of East Anglia in Norwhich. There is talk of changing it to Ruskin University. This is not oxford brooks, don't expect to get in easily. A B in English is required to get into the fantastic English department.

People are always willing to help... even if they're not entirely sure what they're doing either. The Library is immense and very useful and the computer section, hidden behind some of the campus accomodation, is great, even if it is nearly impossible to find, make it your mission if you ever go there.

A great place to be. Recommend it thoroughly, especially with the recent re-design.

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Written by Anonymous on 15th Oct 2007

Anglia Ruskin UniversityHumanities and Social Sciences → English

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