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Media Production at Coventry University

Coventry UniversityArt, Design, Media and Music → Media Production

Accomodation: Rating of 5
Cost of Living: Rating of 3
IT Facilities: Rating of 5
Library: Rating of 5
Nightlife: Rating of 3

Shops & Banks: Rating of 5
Societies/Clubs: Rating of 3
Sports Facilities: Rating of 4
Student Union: Rating of 3
Teaching: Rating of 4


I am really enjoying my uni experience, the uni is a safe place, easy to get around, there are vast amounts of facilities, and the majority of departments have a modern appearance and atmosphere. Coventry uni has a website setup to all students called CUOnline which lets all students be direct with lecturers: students can send and receive mail about any changes regarding lectures, timetables, events and important things needed for a next lesson so it's easy to find out info.

The area of Coventry is something I got used to because I am from London and am used to the busy life and Coventry is quieter and quite a small place. However, there is a lot in one place which acts as a benefit because in terms of this being the place I will live I'm going to want things within walking distance and the whole campus and accommodations fit that criteria. This also includes shops and entertainment facilities, cinemas, bars and clubs are again all within walking distance.

I also thought there would be no one that shares the same interests as me and I found that there are people from all over that come to Coventry and it isn't always about what you know or what you are used to. Since coming to Coventry I've broadened my horizons, mixed with different people and found they are just like me. I've learnt about other places within the midlands that I never knew existed and have an awareness of the UK now whereas before I never came across anyone from another place so its good to feel it has impacted on you. One of my friends I met from Coventry uni is from Birmingham and she introduced me to a new genre of music I never knew before called Baseline and Niche and I have never had that in London and can see the good differences the two locations have.

I feel Coventry uni can improve by getting involved with other universities more, by doing similar things that the others do to get Coventry known on a level where everyone wants to go because it isn't a bad uni and people should hear about it more.

I cannot really say I would advise someone to go to this uni as I feel it depends on the person and everyone is different. But I say come and and ask questions to make sure it's the right place for you.

Student Union

I know our student union do put on events, they have a different night every night according to the music one likes, which shows good variety. There have been celebrity appearances such as the Ordinary Boys for the end of year summer ball. I didn't actually go to this because I feel it doesn't target a selection of people who don't like that type of music or atmosphere. Although that was the case there are societies and clubs where they will put on events that suit them such as the ACS (African Caribbean Society). They put on a Valentine's ball last year, a black history month celebration and promote other events which have similar audiences such as a comedy event held at our student union called "Bare Jokes"


There are many clubs and societies such as sports clubs where it's based on fun more than skills and lets you build friendships as well as play a good sport. I know some clubs get to go on trips to compete against other clubs and get the chance to travel abroad. Some of the clubs are cheerleading, basketball, football, American football, hockey, badminton and more. All clubs have boy and girl clubs so anyone can join.


Currently I am living in a rented shared house not owned by the university, however the uni do provide this kind of living and give help and advice on private rented houses. In my first year I lived in self catering halls called Singer Halls, it was a three floor block with 6 bedrooms per flat with toilet, shower room, bathroom and kitchen - all shared facilities. Its one of the cheapest at £70 a week but it has gone up now. It is in a good location about 5-10 mins from the uni and built up like a little close with parking facilities at extra cost and free internet and sports centre membership.

Trinity Point is a newer accommodation with a lounge area plus TV, bigger fridges, en-suite and on site security internet at extra cost. This accommodation and Singer Halls are Coventry University owned meaning all students staying here will get free full membership to the sports centre.

I would advise students to stay at one of the newer accommodations (Raglan House/Callice Court) because they are more modern and have a lounge area, bigger fridges, 3 quarter beds (just a bit bigger than a single bed), and common area with vending machines, Xbox and Sky. They have a bicycle hut and small available parking spaces. These are en-suite with internet at extra cost however may have been included in the price now which is a lot more expensive than the singer halls.

I advise students to stay in accommodation in their first year to feel the uni life and meet people and it is fun. In the second yr get a shared house with people you trust and who are able to pay the bill. Don't go through estate agents as they overcharge you. To save money there are houses that have bills included and even if you don't manage to get one like that, bills aren't that expensive if you're careful enough. I wouldn't advise sharing with any more than 4 people as it's good to have your space.

Uni Facilities

Coventry University has many computer facilities. There are 3 floors in the library with PCs and a basement with more PCs and every department has computer facilities. Some departments have full rooms with PCs that any student can access. One department has a computer space where it is open 24hrs a day except for weekends where students can do late night work with access to printing facilities.

In the student union (54) there are 4 bars and a big main room which can hold a lot of people. There is also a smaller room with pool tables, a bar and arcade games. This building also includes a Subway food store, a room with tables and chairs used for socialising or club meetings and a deli. We also have another student union with a gym, hairdressers, more computer facilities, shops, and a food and drink cafe.

Coventry Uni has their own sports centre with 2 sports halls, a gym with a vast amount of equipment, trained workers and a dance studio with different exercise classes organised by professionals. They also have links with Astroturf grounds and more just outside Coventry's city centre.


My course is very practical, which involves film making, TV& radio broadcasting, editing, photography and digital media-animation websites. I am enjoying it because it's something I haven't done before and it's just more interesting because we are learning how we make what we all see on TV/internet or hear on radio every day. I still have lectures because we have to be taught the history behind the making and how we can use previous film makers as an influence to our work, etc. I have to do a theory module where we write essays and have seminars where the lecturer takes what they addressed in the lectures and explains it thoroughly so the teaching is much different from A-level teaching. I feel the method of teaching is hard to get used to if you come straight to uni from a-level because I find doing work there and then helps me learn rather than just listening but that is just what uni is. At Coventry you can book to see your lecturer if you do not understand anything and can email them too.

My academic advice is to do a lot of outside uni work because you barely do any when your in uni and on my course I only get set 2 days a week but we are left to meet up with our group every other day on our own accord so its about how much initiative and motivation you have because they really don't spoon feed you. I will also add if Media Production is of interest to you, I would advise you finding some work experience before you come to uni, and once its over keep finding more at the same time as studying. Also in any time off find experience because in this field a degree isn't enough. If you have the experience you will be able to produce good work and get better grades. Also before you pick a subject know where you want to go with that course in the future.

Eye Candy

Well I have friends on my course that think there are a lot of good looking guys and girls at my uni and I just don't see it. I mean I do see the odd one but not really, it depends on what someone finds attractive, I feel the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

City Life

There is the Sky dome which is an entertainment arena with ice-skating, an Odeon cinema, bars, restaurants and two connecting night clubs. There are many pubs and other night clubs also; there are flyers for many events that go on around the city and friends who hold events at nearby venues so there are many things going on.

Job Prospects

Coventry uni have introduced a mandatory module called the advantage scheme for the majority of students which helps them gain the skills they need to enter the workforce as well as their degree so it's something a little extra. Some subjects include creative writing, child psychology, leadership skills, business management, student ambassador, a language and there is much more.

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Written by Krystie on 20th Feb 2008

Coventry UniversityArt, Design, Media and Music → Media Production

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