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Natural Sciences at Cambridge University

Cambridge UniversitySciences → Natural Sciences

Accomodation: Rating of 5
Cost of Living: Rating of 5
IT Facilities: Rating of 5
Library: Rating of 4
Nightlife: Rating of 4

Shops & Banks: Rating of 5
Societies/Clubs: Rating of 5
Sports Facilities: Rating of 5
Student Union: Rating of 1
Teaching: Rating of 5

Accommodation is very good and cheap. Cost of living is also reasonably cheap - at least you'll be close to your college and lectures.

There are many IT facilities and much software you'll be pleased to hear! And the internet is very very fast.

Libraries: each college has one, in which you can find books - probably any book that has ever been published.

The nightlife is really what you make it - not much, but fun and cheerful.

With the new H&M it's the best place to go shopping - with your student card it's swell and definitely won't break the bank!

There are lots of societies in the student union - one for every student or hobby.

The teaching is traditional and not for everyone. However, if you choose the wrong subject, you can always pick another which is easier and get a certificate of a degree in a different subject. Your tutor will be able to help you with this.

If you are lucky, you could get a job at OxbridgeEssays and write long documents for people who don't want to do it themselves. The careers service will get you off to a good start, and then you can be set for your career in the city - with Deloitte and PWC being hot shots.

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Written by cambsboi on 9th Jan 2008

Cambridge UniversitySciences → Natural Sciences

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