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Law at Oxford University

Oxford UniversityHumanities and Social Sciences → Law

I had my Oxford interview in December 2004 as well, for Law. After alighting from the train, it took me a while to find my college (at night) - but that's probably more due to my lack of direction! Keble is actually very easy to find if you have a map (try the one at back of prospectus). If all else fails, a taxi single way is around £5 - especially good value if you can find someone to share it with!

The college itself is legendary. Aside from its 'spaceship' shaped bar (it was closed when I went), most would agree that the architecture and design are amongst the prettiest and most original in Oxford (the bar's 'unique' too I guess!).

I stayed in the Hayward/DeBreye quad. The 1970s refurbished rooms meant there is a built-in fridge in every 'superior' standard room (a definite bonus!), as well as a shared bathroom on each floor (only between 2 people) and a (pitifully small) washbasin in each room. There's everything you need incl: a single bed, desk, huuge windows, a lamp, wardrobes and shelves not forgetting a coffee table and a very long, comfy orange sofa! All the quads are really nice and the price difference between room standards aren't that wide, unlike at other Universities (e.g. Warwick).

Keble has a very strict time schedule and rota for dining. Breakfast is served at a ridiculous hour (for me anyway), whilst dinner is waiter-service. That was a pretty cool experience, sitting in the magnificent Keble Hall, having food brought to your seat! Not to be missed.

In terms of interviews the Law tutors are very friendly and normal people, especially Ed, the main tutor there. The main thing is just to be yourself and answer the questions according to what you think, not what you think they want to hear 'cos trust me, there is no way of telling if you've answered rightly or wrong! They are challenging and gruelling, but I would say the only really hard thing about them is finding the rooms! Knowledge of Law is also not compulsory - it is probably even better to be a complete novice.

The JCR is impressive, although I found it a little small and it tended to get very crowded towards evening. The 2nd years showed some DVDs each night (we had a vote: Zoolander somehow won!) and were even arranging a 'tour of Oxford by night' - go at your own peril! The people there were all normal individuals like me (ha) though some were quite eccentric! We had great fun trying out all the game machines and were addicted to the Pepsi/Who Wants to be a Millionaire one! Think I spent a small fortune on it lol. There's also a pool table and some boardgames if you have lots of time to spare (which you will). The only thing I'd advise against is going out and coming back too late. The last thing you need is not getting enough sleep or attending interviews with a hangover. Think what kind of impression that will leave!

Finally, I would definitely recommend venturing into Oxford town given the chance, it is truly magical at Christmas time. There's a huge white tree in the Town Centre, and the imposing structure of the Bod(leian) is a sight to behold. We went out a few times, trying the coffee shops in the daytime (the vanilla coffee is lush) and some random pubs/bars on the nights. I can't remember any of the names, all I know is there was a very nice dress in one of the shops! ;)

Do apply to Keble, no matter how impossible it may seem (my chance of acceptance was 1 in 5), miracles do happen. Just look at me!

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Written by Anonymous on 15th Oct 2007

Oxford UniversityHumanities and Social Sciences → Law

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